MES system

· Fully traceable products

· Fully manage production

· Full life cycle

· Whole process data

Analyze production as a whole, manage and control the quality of pre-defined standard production processes and inspection standards to ensure that the production of products is strictly implemented in accordance with the standards, and is error-proof, leak-proof and fool-proof.

Loss reduction

Drop deposit

Cost reduction



WorldPower advantage is to provide lithium battery module supporting services for middle and high-level customers such as medical equipment, smart homes, garden tools, two-wheelers, etc.; customers have high quality requirements, a sound system, fast research and development efficiency, and equipment Complete, multiple batches and small batches, and rapid response. Combining the characteristics of customer delivery and the status quo of automation equipment, we have jointly developed a fast-changing, detachable, and modular automatic PACK assembly line with equipment suppliers, realizing multiple models High-efficiency delivery target, one Pack line is currently in use, and the other is expected to be delivered in mid-October.

Production workshop

WorldPower adheres to the high-quality product line, strictly implements the ISO-9001 quality system, adheres to the industry benchmarking enterprise as the goal, and attracts a group of excellent manufacturing management talents. At the same time, we also pay great attention to the advanced manufacturing concepts and manufacturing of the new energy industry. Technology, constantly introducing various automated manufacturing equipment. At present, the company has 8 battery assembly lines, 1 battery welding line, 1 front-end processing line, 1 finished product packaging line, and nearly 4,000 points of aging cabinets, which are completely 100% Aging shipment; the production line is equipped with BMS test equipment, semi-finished product tester, air tightness tester, ultrasonic, dispensing machine, sorting machine, automatic spot welding machine and other equipment and instruments; in order to improve quality informatization, June 2019 The company officially introduced the production MES system to make each key link of the product checkable and controllable; Wald insists on survival by quality, development by reputation, adhering to the customer-centric business philosophy, and pursuing excellence and professionalism in products Dedicated attitude to provide customers with first-class new energy products;
WorldPower New Energy insists on serving customers with high-quality products, has a complete test process and is equipped with advanced testing and experimental equipment; it can conduct more than 20 experiments on battery safety and reliability, and we strictly IS09001 The operation of the system through various control methods such as incoming quality control (IQC), process quality control (IPQC), outgoing quality control (OQC), etc., to ensure that customers are provided with safe and reliable lithium battery products.
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