Provide customers with a full range of personalized battery module solutions

Design and development of battery protection circuit (PCM);

Power battery module BMS management design and development;

Design and development of software and various communication schemes such as URAT, Canbus, and Smbus;

Product ID modeling and structure design and development;

Safety/environment/electrical performance/reliability testing and verification;

Protection board design
Appearance structure design
R & D team
The Wald New Energy R&D team is composed of engineers who have been engaged in software and hardware development, structural process design and development for many years in the lithium battery industry; Structural and process design engineers have no less than 5 years of experience, hardware and software development engineers have no less than 7 years of experience, and test engineers have no less than 3 years of experience;


A total of 42 R&D personnel


17 people with college degree


20 people with a bachelor degree


2 graduate students


There are 3 doctors

Product verification and testing
Qualification patent certificate