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About the development direction of smart balance car battery pack

Time:2021-11-27 Views:

We have always been concerned about the performance, appearance accessories, and scalability of electric unicycles. But I don’t know that the electric wheel has a more important device, that is, the battery.

    The battery plays a vital role in the electric unicycle, but it is easy to be ignored by most people. We have talked about how to maintain the electric unicycle battery and so on. You can go and take a look.

   The battery not only guarantees the driving speed of the wheelbarrow, but also guarantees driving safety.

   Lithium-ion battery packs, also known as packs, are composed of lithium-ion batteries and protective plates.

   The protection board is divided into hardware board and smart board. The hardware board refers to a circuit board made with a dedicated lithium-ion battery protection chip. Smart board (also called software board) refers to a circuit board that uses general-purpose or special-purpose single-chip microcomputers to realize lithium battery management functions through software programming.

    The electric unicycles that we often see on the market are all plate guards. The protective plate is actually two modules separated from the main board, and there is no communication between them. The control board of the wheelbarrow cannot know the operating status and health status of each battery, and can only simply obtain the voltage parameter. The lithium-ion battery pack composed of batteries and smart boards is called a smart lithium-ion battery pack!

   Big comparison between smart version and hardware version:



   Hardware board

   Data communication is not possible

   No power calculation function

   No software logging function

   Overvoltage and undervoltage protection points cannot be adjusted

   The overcurrent protection value is only one level

   cheap price 

   Low application threshold

   Smart board

   High price

   High application threshold

   With communication function

   Accurately calculate the remaining power

   It can record the number of cycles and measure the battery temperature

   Overvoltage and undervoltage protection points can be flexibly set

   Multi-level overcurrent protection